Creating a Content Calendar.

Social media is something we are all familiar with. Statistically, more than half of your church congregation will spend a portion of their week actively engaged on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and blogs.

The tricky part about social media managing is creating consistent content that is inspiring and compelling to your audience. This content has to be shareable, inspiring and intentional. Developing that content takes a lot of time, energy, effort and resources.

Good news though! Your church is already creating amazing content every week (sermons, baptism testimonies and stories of lives being changed!). It’s just going to take aggregation and curation on your part as a communications leader to share that across social media channels. One way to do this effectively and efficiently is to develop and create a content calendar. Creating a content calendar will help you when your planning and producing your content. Your content can sound redundant and become quickly outdated if you don’t implement one.

We wanted to share with you an great Infographic below from Anthony Coppedge’s blog about Social Media Trends Churches Must Understand. Also, we want to give you a head start on your social media content calendar and give you the simple content calendar we use (since we are on Twitter and Google+ for now, we changed it to Facebook and Twitter to get you started).


Download it here.