Church communications is something many churches struggle with. It’s costly, time-consuming and many churches simply can’t afford to hire a staff member dedicated to graphic design and communications. A Personal Communications Specialist is the solution for your church for a tenth the price of an average staff member.

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**Monthly Church Communications Training Sessions**

**Unlimited Title Graphics**

**Social Media Management & Training**

**Print Collateral Design & Pricing**

**No Contracts**


Social Media Management

As someone wise once said, “the Gospel is transmitted along relational lines.” Much like Martin Luther and the printing press, digital communication gives churches an unprecedented opportunity to build and strengthen relational lines like never before. The world has changed. We must learn to adapt our methods without changing the message. Action is required. The question remains, however, is what will the Church do next. - Social Church Book

Let us help you by managing your church social channels and guiding your church through online Social Media Training sessions every month.


Unlimited Title Graphics

Get an unlimited amount of title graphics for announcements, events, & ministries. Choose from 7 different styles!




Print Design

Get up to 20 print design collateral pieces every month from postcards, business cards, flyers, posters, flags, outdoor & indoor banners, bulletins/programs, connection cards, letterhead, envelopes and more for events & ministries. Special Discount Pricing made for church budgets when ordering through us. :)