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I had the pleasure of contributing for Church Marketing Sucks newest ebook – Getting Started in Church Communications: Copy, Web & Jobs. I want to encourage you to check out the website and download a copy to your mobile device and start reading. If you are just getting started in church communications, or if you have been doing it for a long time, this book will truly be worth your time. If you don’t need to know anymore…get your copy here.

This series covers writing, websites and landing a job, three volumes collected in one handy church communications ebook. Take a brief look at what each section of the book covers:

Copy Matters: The written word needs to be written well.

Writing is a foundational communication skill and your church needs to wield words with wonder. You’ll find practical writing tips and techniques, plus specific ideas to improve your copy and fine-tune your writing process. 14 chapters cover a range of writing issues, including writing for email, social media and heathens, as well as style guides and proofreading.

Web Basics: Here’s to church websites that wow. 
If your church needs a website or a better one, this is the place to start. Timeless strategy, practical details and realistic expectations are the order of the day, rather than specific techie details that will be outdated next week. 15 chapters cover a range of web topics, including first impressions, the call to action, designing for mobile and more.

Landing a Job: Your new job is waiting. 
Landing that first job—or a new one—is a significant hurdle and it’s OK to get help. This detailed road map will walk you through the job process, from internships to interviews, portfolios to prayer. Fourteen chapters help you get hired, including practical tips on networking, how to prepare yourself, what churches are looking for and more.

Plus each volume includes expert insights from church communication pros in the trenches.

I encourage you to get this book. As one Amazon reviewer put it: “You’ll find it very refreshing and inspiring to take your communications ministry to the next level!”

Grab a copy on Amazon today!

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