Church Communications Trap.

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There’s a trap that those of us who work in church communications ministry fall into sometimes. No, not talking about that Chinese finger trap you keep in your desk drawer. We’re talking about the title trap. This means we tend to view our positions as “administrative or directorial” rather than ministerial. Shocking as this might sound this couldn’t be further from the truth. The truth is it is way beyond an administrative role.

Example: Working on at multiple churches in a communications role, I fought this title trap all the time. As a Communications and Media Associate, I was juggling both communications and media and it was hard to believe that my role was ministerial. As a Communications Director, although I had more influence I still struggled. It was easy to get caught up with my tasks and to-dos. I had to remind myself that what I do is Kingdom work. Helping communicate the gospel and the heart of my church is definitely Kingdom work. As believers, we are called to go and tell {Matthew 28:19-20}. As communications leaders, our job is to compel people to come {Luke 14:16-23}.

I want to encourage you that you play such a huge role in communicating the heart, unique DNA and message of your church to the congregation and community. If we don’t take our roles seriously, then we are doing a poor job of communicating the gospel as well as the heart of the church. If that happens, then we aren’t leading new people to our churches and we aren’t keeping current members engaged with the mission of the church. We’ll end up leading them in the dark and we all know that leads to our efforts being ineffective.

We are fulfilling a calling. Don’t look at what you do as just a career. We are doing the work of the Gospel. – Tim Schraeder 

  • Note to Pastors and Ministry Leaders: We want you to recognize the work we do is eternal and not simply “brand marketing”. For communications ministry to be effective, we need everyone to treat the Communications Staff as the experts in the field.
  • Note to Communications Directors: Make the effort to include other staff members, volunteers and church members to help you shape your church’s communications ministry. Remember you are fulfilling a calling. Don’t look at what you do as a career. We do the work of the Gospel. It’s ministry.

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